Community Involvement

Public involvement is an integral part of Weden Engineering. We respect and support our community by routinely volunteering our time, knowledge, and resources. We believe this is the true formula for gaining trust and long-term relationships both personally and professionally. 


  Ferndale Chamber of Commerce


The Ferndale Chamber of Commerce membership has nominated Weden Engineering as a company of the month, recognizing it as “Instrumental to the success of the Ferndale Economic Development Commission.” 


Ferndale Economic Development Commission


Sara Weden has been an active member with the Ferndale Economic Development Commission (FEDC) since 2008.  In 2009, Sara became Chair of the Commission and continues to lead the Commission.   The Ferndale Economic Development Commission is a City chartered volunteer membership, designated as an advisory commission to the Ferndale City Council to provide guidance and recommendations to diversify and enhance the economic vitality of Ferndale. Ferndale.


Eric Weden has been an active member with the Ferndale Economic Development Commission (FEDC) since 2007.  As a volunteer commissioner, Eric provides guidance and professional expertise to the membership, staff, and Council.


The FEDC assists existing industrial and commercial businesses for retention and expansion purposes and acts as a liaison between city and business entities.  The commission provides outreach to its business community via site visits and annual business surveys gauging business climate.  The FEDC partners with local and regional business counseling entities to offer free local business counseling and research to all local businesses. 


The commission also works to attract new industrial and commercial entities that provide the quality of employment that will enhance the City’s economic base.   It strives to achieve this purpose by collaborating efforts with surrounding cities and by creating public/private partnerships which help shape the essence of Ferndale while preserving Ferndale's unique characteristics.



Eric Weden EAGLE-Board Chair


The City of Ferndale is recognizes and uses EAGLE, an indicator-based program intended to provide the citizens of Ferndale, the applicant, and the City with an evaluation tool that will assist in determining the manner in which a project will achieve desired outcomes. The purpose of the checklist is to enable the applicant to identify measures that will generate unique, viable development while responding to criteria identified by the citizens of Ferndale.


An EAGLE Checklist must be prepared for all proposals which exceed 20,000 square feet of retail space, including outlying development associated with the project. There are five broad categories of indicators: Energy Efficient Design, Advanced Technologies, Greater Good, Low Impact, and Economic Development.  All development required to complete this checklist must adopt at least one of the indicators in each category, plus two additional indicators from any category or categories, thereby achieving “EAGLE” status. Each indicator has been assigned a point value. Some indicators have a range of point values, depending on various levels of compliance.